Document cameras and video visualisers

Document cameras and visualisers



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document cameras and visualisers

Document cameras and video visualizers are electronic imaging tools for displaying 3-D objects via a projector onto a projector screen, whiteboard, plasma or LCD monitor. Document cameras from leading brand manufacturers including AVerVison, Elmo, Lumens, Samsung and SMART. 

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Document cameras buyers guide   

This site is dedicated to document cameras.  Projectors, large LCD monitors and interactive whiteboards are ideal products to use with visualisers which are available from the main Wedgwood website:


Projectors are used to display your document camera's images onto a projection screen or interactive whiteboard.  These are ideal for very large audiences.
Multi-screen LCD monitors

LCD monitors
Large LCD monitors will also display your camera's image so that everyone in a room can see what is happening. 

interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards
Used with a projector and document camera or video visualiser, you can project3-D objects onto  interactive whiteboards, making them ideal for teaching class rooms in science labs, medical labs, dental labs and training rooms. 
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